Managing Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups

Microsoft Teams and Office 365 reinvent the modern workplace. This change is ongoing in organizations using Office 365, wither you want it or not. There is a lot of good, some bad and certain ugly details in these services, definitely something you should be aware of.

Join us on Finnish seminar SharePoint and Office 365 – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and attend Olli Jääskeläinen’s breakout session on management and customization of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups.

In the session, we are going through concrete Teams/Office 365 Management check-list. You’ll get the Excel sheet with you and are able to start utilizing it in your organization.

In addition to that, we are learning of all customization options available for Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups, both the existing ones as well as options still on the roadmap. This information will help you to make better, less expensive solutions, when your organization is deciding how to evolve the site provisioning and management process towards these new services.

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